(206) 783-2766
Remanufactured EMD Parts for Diesel Engines
Otros componentes
End Power Assembly by Hatch & Kirk
Conjuntos de fuerza
H&K New Cylinder Heads
Cabezas de Cilindros
Hatch Cyclinder Liners for Diesel Engines
Camisas de Cilindros
Alco Pistons by Hatch & Kirk Inc.
Slider Pistons for Diesel Engines - H&K
Pernos de piston
New & Remanufactured Carriers by Hatch & Kirk
Porta Piston
Hatch & Kirk Rings Sets for 710 Engines
Juego de aros
Remanufactured & New Connecting Rods by Hatch & Kirk
EMD Water Pumps for Locomotive, Marine, and Industrial Applications - H&K
Bombas de agua
Oil Pumps by Hatch & Kirk - Remanufactured Parts for Engines
Bombas de Aceite
Roots Blowers for Roots Blown Engines by H&K Inc.
Hatch & Kirk Turbochargers
Turbo compresores
Governor Parts & Services with OEM Specifications
OEM Specific Camshafts for Diesel Engines - H&K
Arbol de levas
H&K Crankshaft Section
Hatch & Kirk Fuel Injectors/Pumps for Direct Replacement for the OEM
Inyectores de combustibles / Bombas de Combustibles
Bearings & Bushings by Hatch & Kirk Inc.
Cojinetes y Bujes
Gasket & Seal Kits for Various Components by Hatch & Kirk Inc.
Kits de juntas y sellos
Complete Engine Overhaul Kits
Kits completos para revision del motor

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